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Patrick Delaquis

Patrick Delaquis has been custom refinishing antiques in Manitoba for over a decade. More about Patrick...

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We are now open regular hours, but taking extra precautions due to COVID-19.

Refinishing Antiques

Do you have tired-looking antiques that have been passed down from generation to generation ? Patrick Delaquis working on an antique wooden chair Are the legs on your favourite old chair wobbly or weak ? Does the dining room set you inherited from your grandmother have small dents or scratches ? Is your beloved Mennonite armoire missing a door, a shelf or a hinge ? Does the wood feel like alligator skin when you touch it ? Does it smell moldy ?

If you answered « yes » to any of the above questions, contact or drop by Delaquis Antiques to find out the best way to repair, restore or refinish your antique furniture. Our expertise can even take into account your preference for a « distressed look » or a simple « lift » to give your antiques a contemporary accent. Whatever your tastes, refinishing protects your furniture and helps maintain its value.

Whether it be touch-ups, cleaning, waxing, oiling, polishing or refinishing, we always make sure not to damage the patina that forms naturally on certain pieces and that actually enhances the beauty, authenticity and value of antique furniture.

Best of all, professional refinishing or restoration allows you to use and display your favourite antiques with pride.

Repair and Refinishing Services

Not sure where to begin? Here is a selection of our repair and refinishing services.

• regluing tenon joints

• replacing broken pins from chair legs

relaminating table tops and other surfaces

• replacing missing or damaged pieces of veneer

• reinforcing cabinets to make them sturdier

• repairing drawer sliders

• cutting new carvings

filling in deep gouges

• sanding out scratches, stains or small dents


If transportation is an issue for you, we offer a furniture pick-up and delivery service. Once the restoration or refinishing work is completed, we always recommend letting us deliver your antiques back to your home to ensure safe arrival free from any damage. Every piece of antique furniture is properly packed and covered with thick blankets.

Custom Work

Delaquis Antiques can also do custom work such as adding a shelf, changing hardware (if broken or missing), making an extra table leaf, or extending table sliders.

The Refinishing Process

Cracked, chipped, water-stained, whitened, scratched or faded wood surfaces ? In many case, the best way to begin the refinishing process is by using professional-strength chemical strippers. We then need to wash away the old waxes or oils in order to condition the wood. Beauty marks on a French Directoire armoire built in the 1780s

Once properly dry, we can spray or wipe on a variety of coloured stains which will enhance the wood grain. There are many colours of stains to choose from. With our expertise, we will discuss which stain best suites your tastes and recommend which one works best for your furniture.

Once your antique has been carefully stained and allowed to dry, we recommend applying a new finish in order to give it the best protection possible. Depending on wear and function, we often recommend durable finishes such as varnish or lacquer. Both finishes can also help bring dull wood to life.

Varnishes give wood a beautiful, warm amber look. They tend to be more pliable, cause fewer chips, and are less likely to whiten due to heat and moisture.

Lacquers dry faster and provide a nice, hard protective coat. Satin is the preferred sheen and gives your antiques a nice soft look.

Patrick's Tip

Working on your own refinishing project? Remember that it is best to reglue chairs before stripping. This will prevent glue marks when staining.

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